Testimonials and Referrals

I just want to write to you and thank you for helping me with our little girl, Ava.

Before you came I had a little girl who didn’t sleep longer than 40mins or not at all unless she was being held by me.  I also had to breastfeed and rock her to sleep.  I felt like all I was doing was feeding her which wasn’t helping her reflux.

It’s been 10 days since you stayed with us and Ava has been having 2 x 11/2hr sleeps of a day and a nap in the afternoon then going to bed at 630pm till 630am with only one breastfeed during the night.

As I sit here now and look back I can’t believe the difference in our daughter just by having you come for 24hrs and stay with us.  She isn’t the same little girl, she is so happy all the time and we are all more relaxed and now starting to enjoy our little family again.

As a mother I was always doubting myself, thinking what am I doing wrong, she is tired why won’t she sleep, she must be hungry.  I now no longer doubt myself because you gave me my confidence back by just going back to basics milk feed, play then sleep.

Once again thank you!

 Amber Hurrell

I can’t believe it’s actually been 9 weeks since you changed our lives: after complaining (and crying) to anyone who would listen, my friend referred me to your services and couldn’t speak highly enough of you.
Being new parents who hadn’t slept more than 40 minutes to an hour for 4 months we were willing to try anything!Not only did you get our baby to sleep, you provided us with the knowledge to continue to help him sleep, something that is invaluable to him and to us!
I can’t thank you or recommend you enough!
Thanks again Elaine,

 Kylie Lewis

Hi Elaine,
I just wanted to write and say a big thank you from Adam and myself for your help with Stella’s sleep problems. Since you came about 7 weeks ago she has changed dramatically and all for the better!  She now routinely goes to bed about 6pm and sleeps through til 4.30am, has a feed and goes back to sleep until 7am!  She has also sorted out her day catnapping and now has 2 good sleeps each day of about 1.5-2 hours! I was losing my mind thinking her sleep troubles would never end and I thank you so much for showing us how to teach her to settle and resettle herself and support me through the hard days and nights when I was questioning everything!  SO THANKS!!!!!!!!


Hi Elaine,  Just wanted to let you knowthat our little man (Isaac) has now begun asking to go for his day sleep and to go to bed at night. He is such a happy, active 2 year old. Thanks so much for all your help last year and your ongoing support. We could not have done it without you. I will continue to recommend you to everyone

Katie Katalano

Our daughter Josie was 11 months old and waking up 3-4 times a night. We also had to rock her to sleep in her pram for both day and night time sleeps, which could take up to an hour each time. We were sleep deprived and exhausted, and at a loss as to what to do. A friend recommended Elaine, and from the first night our lives changed dramatically.
For the first time ever, Josie went to sleep in her cot and slept right through the night. Since then her sleeping habits have improved ten-fold and I feel like a huge weight has lifted off my shoulders as my daughter is happier and our whole family life has changed for the better. Elaine your advice and guidance was invaluable and we can’t thank you enough!
The Watts Family.

Dear Elaine,
Having my first baby with a severe aversion to feeding due to ongoing acid reflux, I have had a number of challenges in getting my daughter to sleep. Due to lack of eating, she was going to bed hungry and wanting her to gain weight I would feed every time she woke. Most nights it was 4-5 times that I’d be waking up. I thought as she got older she would naturally sleep through the night. This was not the case at all.
Due to feeding her throughout the night, she had become habitual in her waking/sleep patterns as I hadn’t allowed her to self settle.
Feeling exhausted and willing to try anything I asked Elaine go come for a day visit to observe my daughter and see if she could help.
That night, she only woke once! Her day time feeding as improved enormously and the routine we were given allows her the right amount of day time rest, therefore promoting nighttime sleep.
Since Elaine’s visit, my daughter has gradually gotten better each day as she settles into the routine and knows the same rules apply day in day out. No more cat napping! In 2 weeks since we’ve seen elaine, she has had only two cat naps! Prior to this she was only sleeping in 40minute blocks all day! This was exhausting! She now enjoys a 2 hour nap and sometimes more.
Were still working on her feeding issues but as she sleeps better, she’ll grow and so should her appetite also.
Thankyou so much Elaine for the confidence to sleep train my baby, I highly recommend you to any mum and dad struggling sleep deprivation, especially with first time bubs!

Catherine Gold coast

For anyone who has been considering contacting Elaine for help and hasn’t done so yet for whatever reason, all I can say is don’t wait, contact her! I thought that no one could understand or settle our baby better than me or my husband, but Elaine has an amazing ability to be able to understand your baby and know what will work best for them – her intuition is amazing, I’m pretty sure I called her a miracle worker! I contacted Elaine as I needed help to break the feed/rock to sleep cycle, our son was 12.5 months old and would only feed or be rocked to sleep. It was easy to feed him to sleep most of the time, however he would wake between one and four times a night. I wanted him to be able to self settle so he could sleep through the night and also in preparation for day care, but I couldn’t bring myself to do controlled crying, I needed a more gentle approach with someone who knew what they were doing. From the minute Elaine walked through our front door I felt like we had made the right decision. Elaine was so supportive throughout the process and was only a phone away to answer any questions. Not only did Elaine help our baby boy to self settle and to sleep through the night but also with our son’s transition from two sleeps to one sleep a day. I am so happy to say we now have a little boy who is able to self settle and falls asleep within a few minutes and can sleep through the night, he is consistently sleeping 11 hours a night and 2 hours during the day.
Thank you so much Elaine we couldn’t have done this without your help!

Rebecca, Bryan & Benji (13 months old)

Grace was a pretty good night time sleeper from birth but despite a 4 night stay in Alamanda sleep school and a day stay at our local clinic, I just couldn’t get her to sleep beyond 45 minutes during the day. I read countless books and websites and as her sleep cycle got shorter and shorter and she woke up earlier and earlier in the morning I was starting to seriously suffer. It’s hard to foster a loving relationship with a baby who is always exhausted and cranky….especially if you are too!
After seeing me sobbing my eyes out at clinic, the sister there gave me Elaine’s number. If only I’d been given it months before! I called her immediately and organised a session. I was amazed at how reasonable her fee was…I was so desperate I would’ve paid anything to get Grace to sleep beyond 31 minutes at a time.
Elaine put us onto a routine that worked for us and from the first day things improved. It took a few days to get Grace to sleep better, but if we ever had any doubts Elaine was there on the phone or on-line to talk us through them. Now Grace seems to be sleeping longer every day and when she’s awake she’s such a joy to be with. I am not so exhausted because I get the chance to do things while she’s asleep and even find a little time to relax. So when she’s awake I can play with her and delight in the new things she seems to do every day.
The pressure on me and my poor husband (living with two tired and emotional girls!) has lifted. We love Grace, enjoy relaxing at night while she sleeps her 11 plus hours straight and have started trying for a second. Before Elaine the idea of a second horrified me!
My only regret is that we didn’t hear of Elaine’s services sooner.

Jo & Grace – Gold Coast

Being a new mum I wanted to do everything right. I was constantly told “Once you have a routine it will be easier” But how do you set up a routine? What does my baby actually need in her routine? How much sleep?  How much food etc?  I turned to my sister for advice, as she had a difficult and unwell baby that had been referred to Elaine for help with her routine with great success.  She told me to have a phone consultation with Elaine to talk about my routine.  Elaine was fantastic.  She went through what my baby required from her routine and helped me understand my baby’s cues and set up feed times and sleep times to follow.  We talked about routine progression as well, what to expect from my baby in the coming months in regard to sleep patterns and feeding around growth spurts and milestones

I have also been able to bounce questions off Elaine that have popped up along the way.  Every piece of advice from Elaine has worked, it’s like she reads my baby like a book!  She is so supportive and her advice is so refreshing.  She has given me a confidence with my baby I never thought I would have.  I feel with the routine created by Elaine I am able to enjoy my baby so much more.  I feel in control now instead of battling my way through motherhood.  I recommend every new mum have a consultation like I did, it has changed my experience of early motherhood dramatically.  Thank you Elaine.

Heidi and Brea 2 mths

Hi Elaine,I want to say thank you so much for getting both of our children in a wonderful sleeping routine.  Life is finally in order

We initially called you to help us with our 9 month old boy Kai, as he was unable to go to sleep in his cot without being breastfed.  The older he got, the more dependent he became, the poor little guy just could not go to sleep on his own.

By the time you arrived, he was waking on average four times a night and really unsettled all day, I never knew what would happen each day and every night bed time was different.  I was getting more tired and stressed and felt completely helpless.  I actually felt like a failure when I finally called you, disappointed I couldn’t work it out on my own.  I didn’t even tell my family!

Since your visit, Kai goes to bed at the same time every night, happily and self settles himself to sleep in under 15 minutes!  He sleeps all night without a peep and wakes around 630am each day.  He also rests better, as previously any noise in the house would wake him, now he sleeps deeper.  Also, our three year old Flynt goes to bed much happier now that he shares the same bedtime routine as Kai.  Overall, a much happier family, kids asleep by 630pm and quality time left at the end of the day for mum and dad – finally!  Thanks so much Elaine for giving us our new life

Many thanks, Monique Anderson

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for helping me with Bertie.  I never imagined her going to sleep in the cot with such little fuss.  I was amazed that it was minutes and not the hours I had envisaged.  The best part was the gentle and caring approach that you took.  I was so worried that it was going to be a tearful and stressful exercise for both Bertie and I.  It wasn’t just the sleep that you helped with, but Bertie had never eaten so much food before.  She now eats a banana in one go, all I have to do is peel it leaving the skin at the bottom.  The teething this time around has been a lot easier for us both.  She is no where as clingy or grizzly as the other times thanks to your recommendations.  I have only one regret and that is that I delayed calling you numerous times.  They say the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result.  What was I thinking?
I need to thank your daughter and husband who share their mummy and wife with strangers.  I must say though, you did not feel like a stranger more like a friend who came for a visit.
So one more time, Thankyou!

Alicia James and Bertie

My almost 20 month old has self-settled since 8 months thanks to Elaine’s help! All of sudden now tho, she’s wanting me to sit with her to fall asleep. I don’t even need to be patting/touching her she just wants to be able to see me as she falls asleep. Is this typical of this age or something else? She has recently been sick with a viral infection. Do any other mummies have any advice or what you did to get your toddler back self-settling? We have another baby due in 8 wks so hoping to have this resolved by then. Many thanks!!

Kate Oakly

To those visiting…myself and my 5 week old newborn had the pleasure on meeting this lovely talented lady, its amazing watching Elaine work with your baby not just to try to settle but really connect with methods on calming, settling, and bonding, after 5weeks of no sleep and feeling no connection with my baby I now feel we have started bonding…..and i got my first smile. Just shows what sleep can do for your babies personality. Thank you so much Elaine you truly are the Baby Whisperer people said you are. You don’t just have the gift but the ability to reconnect mother and baby. I cant thank you enough…much appreciation from myself and Ally..

Lindsay Turloch

Elaine, we can’t thank you enough! Jordan has improved so much since we met you last month. After waking every 2 hours at night, he is now only waking once at night and his day sleeps are now 2 hours each – a lot better than the 40min nap he used to have!! After your overnight consult we had and the follow up you provided after, I now feel “confident” putting Jordan down to sleep at night & during the day. Jordan is so much happier with his routine you set up for him. You are a life saver! Many thanks again.

 Lisa & Selwin

On a recent visit to family in the Gold Coast, in desperation I called on Elaine. My 8 month old son Sam had gone from sleeping through from 4 – 6 months to waking every two hours at night for no particular reason and needing me to either comfort or feed him back to sleep. He had never been a good day time sleeper, and had slowly degenerated from a sling, to sleeping on me on the couch to me jiggling him in a baby carrier, to get 30 mins of peace. Following numerous calls to the Karitane helpline, I reluctantly tried controlled crying, which resulted in him crying for up to 1.5 hours, still awake and hysterical the entire time. Elaine arrived and discussed her method with me and soon after, suggested a way to put Sam to sleep – which I tried with desperation and skepticism. I still cannot believe it when I say Sam was asleep IN HIS COT, within 20 MINS!!! Best of all, Sam’s disapproval was minimal and I really felt like I was helping him, not abandoning him. Over the next two weeks I followed Elaine’s method and very quickly and seemingly happily Sam adapted.

Sam is now 10.5 months old, teething, has a cold and still sleeping through the night and happily and easily having two sleeps during the day. I also like how adaptable Elaine’s routine is – Sam’s routine has changed as he has grown and there has been no problem with hiccups like travel and busy days.

I would highly recommend Elaine’s services – Sam is a different baby and we are all much happier for her help.

 Jess and Sam 8 mths – Canberra

My family needed sleep and by the time I was recommended to Elaine, I was at my wits end. My biggest regret is that I let it get that far before looking for someone to help me. When Elaine met my daughter, she had her sound asleep within minutes and she continued that way for 2 hours straight (which had never happened during the day before). A few days into the sleep training, my daughter slept through the night and we were so relieved. My family could finally start functioning again and it is all thanks to Elaine and what she taught us.

I would recommend Elaine to any parent who needs some advice with sleeping issues. My daughter’s development has really come along in leaps and bounds now she is sleeping better and her personality is shining through. Thanks Elaine!!

Lynette and Halle 6 mths

Our little Indigo Raine has had major sleep issues from four months to eight months. Unable to help her learn to self settle on her own, (we didn’t understand how to or what we were doing wrong) we were rocking and feeding Indigo to sleep and I was at breaking point. If we were able to get Indigo to sleep, we couldnt get her to stay asleep, or self soothe.
I was physically mentally and emotionally drained and I saw no light at the end of the tunnel even after everyone telling me this was something our baby would ‘grow out of’. The frustration was intense.
I stumbled upon Elaine’s business on Facebook, watched the clip of her ACA segment and emailed her immediately. I could not have imagined our lives would be turned around in what felt like an instant. Night 3 of The Natural Sleep Programme and Indigo slept through the night, 1 week after beginning, she was self-settling, day and night. I look at my baby girl sleeping soundly in her cot now and still can’t believe Elaine’s support has made such a difference. Our life as a family is now how it should be, we are able to enjoy Indigo’s babyhood without immense sleep deprivation, stress and anxiety about her sleeping. I actually look forward to nighttime now!- something I dreaded before. We will be definately be implementing Elaine’s fantastic methods with our next baby and cannot recommend her highly enough. Thankyou for making our lives so much more enjoyable Elaine:) we could not have done it without you!

Kate Oakly

After my daughter Lara was a few days old, she became regularly unsettled and would cry in the day and wake at the drop of a hat. We assumed she had colic but maybe it was undiagnosed reflux. Because of her discomfort, we developed very tedious ways of getting her to sleep. We bounced her in our arms on a Pilates ball, rocked her, drove her to sleep and we had her sleeping upright on our chest. I was getting more and more exhausted and depressed. By 10 mths of age Lara was extremely hard to get to sleep at night. Nothing worked anymore and I was still waking about 6 times a night to feed her back to sleep. I felt duped that co sleeping and feeding on demand wasn’t working for us or for Lara.

I was desperate and quite sceptical when I had my first phone consultation with Elaine but her method was not at all terrible, as I kept imagining. It was a beautiful team effort by my family and Elaine, working together to design a routine that worked for Lara and setting up settling strategies at different stages along the way. I loved that Elaine was totally fine with Lara sleeping in her cot in our bedroom. I liked that the process was gradual for us as I felt I was easing myself and Lara through changes gently. It wasn’t always easy but the few hard nights we had were hurdles I could see I needed to get over. I know it is easy to give up on sleep training and that is why I am so grateful to Elaine’s amazing service. I would have given up were it not for her caring and prompt responses to my texts and emails.

A few days after the first phone consultation I didn’t feed to sleep anymore and Lara was asleep by 6.30pm every night and woke half as often as before. After the second phone consultation and within 2.5wks she had learnt to sleep through the night! I would never have imagined!!!

Even though I’ve only ever spoken to Elaine on the phone, she has made an enormous difference to our lives. The whole family is rejoicing at Lara’s sleep throughs. Our strong bond to each other is now stronger than ever.

Nina and Laura 10 mths – Bellingen

Elaine came into our home when our 3rd child Flynn was 6 months old.  Our first two children were very easy, relaxed babies who didn’t require much assistance in getting to sleep or finding their own routines.  Flynn seemed very unsettled from the time we brought him home from the hospital and suffered with terrible colic.  In the early days we had to rock him endlessly to try and comfort him. Unbeknown to us, this was actually setting him up for sleep problems as he never learnt to fall asleep on his own.

Prior to calling Elaine, Flynn was being carried nearly all day in either our arms or a carry pack, was having a maximum of two twenty minute naps a day and was spending most evenings screaming for hours on end.  While we knew this was not right, we were not prepared to subject him to any form of “controlled crying”.  Until meeting Elaine we were not aware that there was a gentle techinque that was just as effective as controlled crying without the distress to our baby.  Within 15 minutes of Elaine working with Flynn, he was sound asleep in his cot.  Unbelievably, my husband and I have been able to replicate these results using the methods that Elaine has taught us.

Flynn now sleeps for approximately 3 hours of a day and 13 hours of a night, in his cot!  Perhaps the biggest shock for us though has been the end to Flynn’s evening crying and the realization that he was actually crying because he was so very tired.  Elaine has given us the gift of a calm, well rested and delightfully happy baby.  We cannot say thank you enough!

Jennifer and Flynn 6 mths – Gold Coast

Recently, I was talking to parents of children who attend the childcare centre my daughter does. We began talking about what time out children nap, & I mentioned bedtime was strictly 7pm. Another parent scoffed & said, “what? You just put her in & walk out.” Other parents also said, “if only”. It was the first time in months that I realised how amazing our sleep situation is!

Every night for at least 8 months, I have put her in her cot & walked out the door, knowing she will put herself to sleep. There’s no patting or rocking, & I don’t go in there unless we have a slight regression (only lasts a few days) or she’s sick.

In October last year I was unlucky to use the services of someone else who did nothing but take my money & provide no hands on help. My husband was skeptical to give you a go, but we are both so happy we did. Some days our naps aren’t completely perfect (our daughter definitely struggles after particularly stimulating events/activities), but you’ve given me the skills to work out what to do to give my baby the best shot at getting back on track to ensure she sleeps well at night.

Elaine, thank-you so much for your help. I am so happy that I can say we’d have 1 “bad” night a month purely as a result of something like a cold – otherwise we’re enjoying our 7pm to 7am sleeping angel!

Grace Gillions -Brisbane

Hi Elaine,

You are a legend when it comes to baby sleeps and routine. When Bella was 8 months old she constantly woke up after her first sleep cycle after going to bed at night. Every night 7:45 pm she would wake and cry. I used to dread it, after your help with re-jiggling her routine and giving me the confidence to break the habit , we fixed it. You taught me to be a more confident and stronger mum, and too listen to my instincts…

Then when she was a toddler with bedtime nightmares , again I called on your services and you gave me the great “sleep fairy “idea… .

 I have no hesitation in recommending you to anyone, problem big or small….

Thanks Trish and Bella

Well Elaine it has been 1 week exactly since you came and blessed my life with sleep. For 5 months I rocked, held and fed Archer to sleep. During the night Archer was waking 5-10 times a night to be rocked, fed and held to sleep. I was a walking zombie. Within 24 hours of your visit Archer was going to sleep on his own in his cot! I am putting him in his cot and walking out and knowing… that he is going to go to sleep! We finally have sleep in our household. We are human again. And it was easy to implement the changes. The sleep training is so much easier than the rocking, feeding and spending hours holding Archer to sleep. Not that I didn’t love the cuddles. But now we have so much more quality time together! Thank you so much!!!!!

Leonie Mead

Since your visit the boys are still sleeping beautifully day and night. I am never anxious about bedtime anymore because I know I can put the three of them down at the same time and they go to sleep themselves. Love our new life

Naomi & the Triples

Hi Elaine, I just wanted to say thank you so much, it’s only a couple of days in and Ruby is sleeping so well without the dummy!! I just can’t believe it, I never thought it was possible! The cry out method was never an option for me, your techniques were so gentle and loving I am just so annoyed I didn’t call you earlier. Thank you, thank you, and thank you!!

Kristy Lord

Just wanted to say Thank you again for everything you did to help Jethro and I! He is sleeping brilliantly thanks to all your fantastic help! Your travel advice was fab and he travelled really well to Perth and back! Using all your tips and advice he even settled well while we were away, even after he was so sick and had no routine due to being in hospital using what you taught me has allowed us to get back on track quickly after his recovery and he’s doing so great! Big thanks again! I’ve shared your page with both my Mothers Groups!

Take Care MJ

 Just having a very grateful moment… Elaine, I just wanted to thank you for your help when Lincoln was 2 months old (he is now 6.5 months). I am so happy that I have a baby who sleeps 11.5 hours EVERY night. He has cried out awake once at night since he was 2 months and by the time I got to his room he was asleep again. You were also kind enough to answer my questions about swaddling over the phone months later. Thank you, thank you- I’m eternally grateful

Victoria Atkinson

I just wanted to say a BIG Thank You, It has been a month since your consultation and I can’t believe I waited 6 months. Talking to so many mothers, friends and family, thinking my baby was just going to be a bad sleeper while teeth where cutting… In the last 6 months I had 4 good nights, otherwise I was up every 2-3 hours, sometimes hourly. Just in the hope of getting to her before she wakes my… hubby, not knowing that I was doing more harm than good… Just having the support from you and the reassurance that this is all for her own good. Doctors said it’s okay not all babies sleep well and as long as she is developing at a good rate, which she was doing everything ahead of her time I just knew how good she was when she did sleep all night. Then a friend referred you and WOW, what a difference you have made to both my daughter and family life. Now she sleeps 11 hours at night and on average a 2 hour nap during the day! Settled into daycare really well and just changing all the time!!! I have referred you to all of my friends expecting also with babies and toddlers. You are amazing at what you do!!!
Thank You So much

Angela and Bella (13 months old)

Hi Elaine.
I just wanted to say a huge thankyou to you for supporting us and changing our lives in some respect.
I have found your information and support invaluable and am so amazed at how different life is for us and Brodie compared to less than a month ago.

Susie, Canberra

Our 3 and a half month old twins were running us ragged, often getting me up every hour at night and barely sleeping through the day. They were always cranky and it was very stressful. The night Elaine came over for a consultation they only woke once for a feed, and that has been their routine ever since. Elaine also sorted out their daytime routine and now they sleep so well and are different babies, always babbling, smiling and so happy. Elaine gave us such good advice and the confidence to put into practice what seems so mystifying when you read it in a book. We are so happy with the results of her consultation and her accessibility in the weeks following for further questions and would recommend her to any parent as it is well worth the money to establish good sleeping habits as early as you can.

Claire, Ocean Shores

There aren’t enough words to say how grateful we are to Elaine for the assistance she provided with helping our one year old son to sleep.  Without going into detail prior to Elaine’s visit life was very difficult due to our inability to settle our youngest son to sleep. Every day since her visit my husband and I remark in wonder at how vast the improvement in our lives has been. We   have a small child who is relaxed and well rested, time to spend with our other children who had not been receiving anywhere near the level of attention they deserve, and amazingly, time and energy for our marriage! Elaine is truly heaven sent. We can never say thank you enough.


 We just wanted to give you an update and say ‘thank you very much for your help’. Before your visit we were struggling, no-one was getting good sleep and we were just trying to get through one day at a time. We knew things weren’t good but we didn’t know how to make changes for the better. Our six and a half month old son Toby wasn’t getting anywhere near enough sleep and neither was Casey or myself. We were all tired and irritable. Then we found your website and read some of the stories and thought “That sounds like us” and now a week after your visit Toby is going really well. He is in his own cot in his own room and is sleeping eleven hours overnight and having two naps totalling just over three hours during the day. He is settling himself most of the time and we are confident he is going to be doing it all himself in no time. We have reclaimed our bedroom and finally have time to ourselves again while Toby gets the sleep he needs. He is feeding so much better and is much happier and more co-operative. We never wanted to do any sort of controlled crying because we felt that it was just plain wrong. With your technique we felt it was gradual and we were with Toby all the way, we really feel like we are helping him along. Things are just so much better and we are converts for life! We cant thank you enough, your service, knowledge and manner are excellent and we genuinely feel that our gains have already far, far outweighed the minimal cost and we are still only one week into our new lives! We have no problem recommending you to anyone.

Thanks very much for everything. From Mark, Casey and Toby.

Our four month old had just failed sleep school when I first contacted Lullababy SOS. We had tried everything and yet our son wouldn’t sleep in the car, pram, rocker or his cot. We tried co-sleeping, feeding to sleep and rocking but even these were unsuccessful. Our friends had these babies that seemed to sleep whenever and wherever and we were left wondering what we had done wrong. The paediatrician said he had colic but I was sure he had insomnia! Elaine assured us she could help and within five minutes of talking to her I could feel the tension in my shoulders releasing. A few weeks later Elaine came to stay for the weekend. Her enthusiasm, energy and effervesce was very welcomed and it soon felt like we had known her for years. Unlike most parents, sleeping through the night was never my main concern. Although he was still waking four to five times a night it was bearable in comparison to the day times when I had to entertain an the overtired baby who was too tired to nap. I really felt I was being robbed of the ability to enjoy this special time in my life. Elaine explained the relationship between day and night sleeps. The first night of Elaine’s visit our ‘insomniac’ slept through the night. To prove that it wasn’t a one-off event he did it again the next night and continued to do so after Elaine’s visit ended. And Elaine was right, his day sleeps improved too. Within days our son was having proper day sleeps for the first time and had transformed into this happy, interactive baby who just melted our hearts. All our family couldn’t believe the personality change they had witnessed. Contacting Elaine has been one of the best decisions we have made in our parenting journey and I wish I had found Lullababy SOS sooner. The ongoing support long after that initial weekend has helped me regain the confidence to enjoy parenting again.  Thank you Elaine.

Kable & Renae Moore

It has been about two months now since I seeked help from Elaine .. My bundle of joy was a cap napper and despite being a good night sleeper I battered through the day with a clingy baby from nap to nap sometimes several a day.. Around the time she started crawling.. The 40min naps turned into 25min disaster naps .. She wouldn’t go down at night and was waking at 5am..And my husband convinced me that it was ok to pay the money and call the sleep lady I had saved on my laptop I had been contemplating for so long.. And the cost was probably nothing if you consider I used to drive around for hours to give myself a break so she would sleep..

I happily write to you tonight to share with you that my daughter today had her first day at daycare.. (Well three hours.. And I was petrified she would nap again.. Not being her cot).. But she did 1 hour 20min just like home!  OMG wow! The day I dreaded she had a wonderful time! The changes have been amazing and with little work really.. And although my daughter does not follow a routine like other babies or routines in books .. We worked out what worked for her and what she needed and she is now a happy baby.. We still have occasional days were she will only nap but I can hear Elaine’s voice.. And think back to the support she gave me for 3weeks.. And ask myself the questions I used to ask her and I have the answers now.. Also.. she has taught me it’s ok to have a bad day..And I know what to do and try tomorrow..
Elaine I can not thank you enough for your help and how much more joy I experience now I have a baby that smiles and laughs and plays and learns.. And sleeps.. Mostly!


After trying every settling technique and routine to try and get our first son, Jude, to sleep longer than 40 minute intervals day and night, my nerves and mental state were so frazzled by exhaustion and sleep deprivation that when our second son Sammy started to wake through the night at 6 months of age, I started to feel as though the whole world was crumbling in on me again and I was getting distressed and upset at everything around me.
I taught Sammy to self-settle from 2 weeks of age without a dummy and he was sleeping through the night, waking only for one feed. When he started waking through the night, my partner and I were so scared that Jude would start to wake through the night again that we did the quickest thing we could think of to settle Sammy – we gave him the dummy.  This then developed into me getting up 4 times a night to put it back in.  Once again, my partner and I were so exhausted from lack of sleep.
I tried once to teach Sammy to self-settle again without the dummy and it was just too emotional and I couldn’t go through with it alone.
Even from the moment you answered my phone call, your “bedside” manner put my mind at ease that “all would be okay”!
And, when you first walked into our home to give us help, I felt confident again and was stoked at being able to throw the dummies in the bin there and then and know that I wouldn’t need them again.
Elaine, you have such a bubbly and confident “take charge” personality that your presence reassured us that there was light at the end of the tunnel.  Your methods are practical and real and I particularly loved the fact that you were really interested in finding out what Sammy needed in order to help him settle – not just a stock-standard technique for every baby.
Tim and I felt instantly relaxed with you because you felt comfortable and at ease in our home and it meant we could concentrate on Sammy
After you left the next morning, I found that you answered my emails, phone calls and text messages so promptly so that we weren’t left “hanging” and wondering what to do next when things went a little haywire sometimes.  Your follow-up service is excellent.
Your answers were always practical and easy to implement and they made sense! You had an answer for every action or event that Sammy went through and your solutions were spot on and proved that you know what you are doing.  You are a master of your craft.
You are accessible, confident in your ability, you make yourself easily understood and you imbue this confidence to your clients – this is what I really needed at this time in my life with Sammy and Jude as I’d lost all confidence in my ability as a mother to get my children to sleep through the night.
You gave me my confidence back.
We still have some restless nights as Jude wakes sometimes or sleep-talks but  because Sammy is so quickly settled at night and we can generally count on him sleeping well through the night, we are no longer rushing to scoff our dinner down and get into bed quickly so that we can get whatever sleep we can. I can actually sit and watch a program on TV at 8.30pm if I want!
We feel we have a normal life again – like most others who have kids who sleep.
As a parent, you know you should always be grateful for being given the gift children as we know friends who cannot have them, but when sleep deprivation takes hold of and runs your life, it is hard to see through the fog and feel grateful all the time, especially when we know so many people whose children sleep without any difficulty.
Elaine, Tim and I have had such a long, hard 2 and 1/2 years with Jude as it was only just 3 weeks prior to you arriving that he actually started to sleep through the night (after I camped out in his room for a month!).  We have been utterly exhausted and emotionally drained by it all and it put a huge strain on our relationship.
By helping us with Sammy (and the wonderful little tricks you taught us for Jude too), you have given us our lives back for which we cannot thank you enough.
Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Cindy Gold coast

Lewis had been an inconsistent sleeper since I first tried a trip away from home at 12 weeks of age. He could sleep during the day quite well but then sometimes would only have catnaps. Nights were initially easier as he would feed back to sleep. However at 18 weeks we had a holiday with my family and that became the start of his sleep problems. As we were staying in a house with family and Lewis was waking every 3 hours we did everything we could to keep the peace and get some sleep. He was fed constantly, slept with me, patted to sleep and rocked to sleep anything to try and make him settle. Of course none of it worked and when we came home Lewis was waking every 3 hours and taking 1-1.5 hours to get to sleep every night. I was exhausted, my husband helped as much as possible, but was often away and I needed some help desperately.
I went to a child health nurse at the hospital and begged for information on someone to come at night to help me. She gave me Elaine’s card and I rang her the same day. She was able to come as soon as I needed her which was brilliant. No waiting months to get into sleep school. Just ringing Elaine and knowing she was coming to help provided some reassurance.
Elaine came and helped me to understand why Lewis was crying and when he needed help. From normally taking 1-1.5 hours to get to sleep Lewis was calm in minutes and asleep in 20 minutes. Elaine’s no stress, calm, consistent and confident nature was just what I needed. Elaine set me up with a routine and was consistently available to help on the phone and text to reassure me we were getting there. Although there were times when it was difficult I knew there was no going back as the progress we kept making gave me confidence that we would get there.
I would have no hesitation in recommending Elaine to anyone. If you are reading these referrals then there is something Elaine can do to help you. You owe it to yourselves to call Elaine, but also to your baby who is also suffering the effects of sleep deprivation. Neither of you deserve that.
Lewis sleeps through every night, through teething and colds, we have recently been away again on holiday and he slept in his portacot without a whisper
Thanks Liz & Lewis

Our little Indigo Raine has had major sleep issues from four months to eight months. Unable to help her learn to self settle on her own, (we didn’t understand how to or what we were doing wrong) we were rocking and feeding Indigo to sleep and I was at breaking point. If we were able to get Indigo to sleep, we couldn’t get her to stay asleep, or self soothe.

I was physically mentally and emotionally drained and I saw no light at the end of the tunnel even after everyone telling me this was something our baby would ‘grow out of’. The frustration was intense.

I stumbled upon Elaine’s business on Facebook, watched the clip of her ACA segment and emailed her and booked in a phone consultation immediately.

I could not have imagined our lives would be turned around in what felt like an instant. Night you’re your Sleep Program and Indigo slept through the night, 1 week after beginning, she was self-settling, day and night. I look at my baby girl sleeping soundly in her cot now and still can’t believe Elaine’s support has made such a difference. Our life as a family is now how it should be, we are able to enjoy Indigo’s babyhood without immense sleep deprivation, stress and anxiety about her sleeping. I actually look forward to nighttime now!- something I dreaded before. We will be definitely be implementing Elaine’s fantastic methods with our next baby and cannot recommend her highly enough. Thank you for making our lives so much more enjoyable Elaine:) we could not have done it without you!

 Katie & Indigo

From the moment Elaine arrived at our Home ready for an overnight consult, I felt an instant sense of… We first called the amazing Elaine Harvey when my first born daughter, Halle, was 8 months old..her constant nightwaking and inconsistent day sleeping had resulted in severe sleep deprivation and exhaustion for both myself, my partner and Halle!

From the moment Elaine arrived at our Home ready for an overnight consult, I felt an instant sense of relief and calm wash over us! Her beautiful manner and rapport with Halle put our minds at ease and I could finally see the light at the end of the tunnel. Throughout the overnight consult Elaine taught us so much and the very next night we were amazed that Halle slept straight through for the first time since she was born! Although the following week had it’s challenges, Elaine was always on hand to answer our many questions and put us at ease. From that week on Halle slept through most nights, had longer day sleeps and had finally learnt how to self settle….something we had never allowed her or taught her to do!

Fast forward to now. Halle is 22 months old, I am 7 months pregnant & we have just moved house and are doing some renovations! On top of all that….we decided it was good idea to free up the cot for the new bub & move Halle into her own ‘big’ bed! We really had no idea how to go about this transition and after a very long and exhausting week of Halle not having her usual day sleep & both my partner & I assisting Halle to sleep in her new bed at night

(some nights we were in there until 10pm until she fell asleep!), I knew who we had to call! Thankfully, Elaine was able to visit us a few days later & once again has restored routine & harmony in our household! Halle is now asleep in bed by 730pm sleeping through and back having her day sleeps! yay!

We will definitely be calling on Elaine in a few months when our new baby arrives to ensure we never experience the sleeping issues we had with Halle!

Thank you so much Elaine, we will forever be indebted to you!

 Shelley & Guy, Elanora

After 11 months of having my son Alexander waking anything from 4-7 times every night, sleeping for only 30-40 minutes in the day and taking 30 minutes to an hour to settle to sleep each time we were all really struggling with the lack of sleep. We had accessed help from various professionals, but found this only worked for a very short time despite our best efforts to follow through what we were taught. Finally I was told my only option was to use controlled crying. This was not an option to me, seeing how distressed Alexander became around sleep times I could not put him through that. Then we saw Elaine on A Current Affair and decided to get in contact. Due to where we live Elaine wasn’t able to visit us, so we did phone consults. It was unbelievable! Within 4 nights Alexander was sleeping through from 7pm to 5.30am, and having two naps a day of 1hour and 2hours – it was unbelievable! He was settling to sleep within 10-15mins with my help. The next step was for me to leave the room and let Alexander settle himself. Again, within 4 days, Alexander was able to settle himself to sleep within 5minutes of my putting him in his bed and leaving the room. Elaine’s help has been amazing, the changes happening so quickly! I am just so sorry we didn’t know about her sooner. I would wholeheartedly recommend Elaine. For anyone who lives too far away for face-to-face contact with Elaine, her support through the phone consultations, written material and email has worked wonders for us. Alexander is so much happier, and I am coping so much better having more sleep!

Kellie and Alexander (12months), Ipswich

Our daughter Josie was 11 months old and waking up 3-4 times a night. We also had to rock her to sleep in her pram for both day and night time sleeps, which could take up to an hour each time. We were sleep deprived and exhausted, and at a loss as to what to do. A friend recommended Elaine, and from the first night our lives changed dramatically.
For the first time ever, Josie went to sleep in her cot and slept right through the night. Since then her sleeping habits have improved ten-fold and I feel like a huge weight has lifted off my shoulders as my daughter is happier and our whole family life has changed for the better. Elaine your advice and guidance was invaluable and we can’t thank you enough!
The Watts Family. Palm Beach

Ever since my daughter Jazzie was 3 weeks old I rocked her to sleep in the rocking chair and as she got older it changed to standing up and rocking her and then by the time she was 8 mths old it turned into pacing the halls for 2 -3 hours trying to get her to sleep at night.  She was not enjoying being rocked anymore and I definitely wasn’t enjoying rocking her!  I did not want to try the controlled crying approach and was unsure of what the answer was. A friend told me about Elaine Harvey and I am so thankful. Elaine’s guidance and support was exactly what Jazzie and I needed.

I loved that Elaine provides a specific approach for you and your baby.  She assisted me with setting up a better daytime and bedtime routine, and provided me with the support and confidence I needed to help Jazzie learn to self settle.   Jazzie is now settling herself and is sleeping from 7pm to around 6.30am.The difference Elaine has made to our lives is amazing.  I can’t speak more highly of her and would definitely recommend her to anyone.

Bron and Jazzie 8 mths – Gold Coast

Our daughter Mia slept for 2 hours in the first 24 hour day of her life which set the tone for a time of very little sleep leaving us exhausted.  After one month she was sleeping about 9 hours out of every 24, and even then it was a struggle and she would wake constantly.  We would rock her to sleep and at night would often spend up to 4 hours trying to settle her down, and then she would wake regularly during the night.   In desperation we contacted Elaine and that was the start of an immediate and dramatic change in all of our lives.  From the moment Elaine arrived she gave us a sense of confidence and peace because she empathized and took time to connect with Mia.  Within a very short time Mia was sleeping regularly and for long periods and after about a month at the age of 11 weeks she began to sleep through the night.
We have recommended Elaine to a number of our friends and would absolutely recommend her input to any parent whose child is not sleeping well.  Since Mia has started sleeping regularly we have experienced just our vital and nourishing it is for her and us that Mia sleeps well.  She is now such a contented and happy little baby whereas before she was frustrated and constantly tired.  A number of people including ourselves thought that she was colicky.  In fact, she just needed beautiful sleep and Elaine helped us to allow Mia to learn how to sleep.
We would strongly encourage parents who engage Elaine to place  their trust in her and stick through any tough training period because the results are everlasting and profound.
Kellie & Craig, Gold coast

Hi Elaine,

Since the first time you helped us I have wanted to write a proper thank you for the incredible service you offer parents and children.  My daughter is 19 months old now which means it has taken me about 15 months to get around to it!  I’m sorry its taken so long, but in my head I thank you at least once a week, as I am so glad that I am not back to where I was soon after my daughter was born.  As you know, we had a challenge on our hands with my daughter.  We had a difficult birth which meant the poor little thing had trouble breathing, plus I had low milk supply, then she had to be hospitalised for vaccination complications, and then flown 10 hours to another country – and that was all in her first 6 weeks.  After that there was more travel, more illness, visitors coming and going, heat waves and cold snaps, etc etc.  But one thing there wasn’t much of was SLEEP!

As an expat in Hong Kong we had no support here and the lack of sleep was really affecting my husband and I, and of course our daughter.  I read articles, books, websites etc and listened to advice from friends and family, but whatever I tried didn’t work.  Mainly because there was no way I was going to let my daughter cry and cry just on the basis of what I read in a book or a website without the author knowing anything about me or my daughter.  I didn’t know where to look for help but thankfully my mother had heard from my auntie who had heard from her friend about this lovely miracle worker who could possible help via telephone.  It was a relief just to know of the possibility of help, but I was still very skeptical even after I read the wonderful reviews about you.   However, it got to a point where my daughter would only sleep if she was attached to me.  That meant even if I did manage to detach her once she fell asleep, she would cry again every 40 minutes.  It was time to contact you!

It brings tears to my eyes even now thinking about what a wonderful help you were.  First of all the enlightening part – when I read through the information you sent me about sleep and settling techniques.  Why that is not in every baby book I don’t know.  So simple but so accurate.  It took a bit longer than usual to get my daughter into a routine because she really is a determined little one, but it wasn’t too long before she was only waking once or twice a night rather than every 40 minutes, and then finally sleeping through the night (albeit waking up early).  We didn’t have quite as smooth a passage as others because the lifestyle we lead (travel, visitors, and the extra illness that comes with that) always seemed to interrupt us just as we had a good routine going, but what was constant and amazing was your support.  Being offered to skype you when my daughter awoke at 4am so I could ask – what should I do? – well – who does that?????  You did!  You would listen as I would explain how her day went, whether she might be teething, might be hungry, might have separation anxiety, whether she was standing or lying etc etc – and you were able to help me decide what to do.  Just unbelievable.  Not to mention the tips on helpful aids like teething necklaces, monitors, sleeping bags etc.

As you know I thought it was ridiculous how little you were charging for such amazing help (I still do), and I’m not sure you were expecting quite as many skype calls as you received from me, but I so appreciate it as I could really sense that you loved what you were doing and you really cared about my daughter and I and this also meant that I could trust you.  And when seeking advice about my beloved daughter, it is like a warm blanket to know there is a specialist I can talk to who I trust.

I still don’t have a perfect sleeper, my daughter sleeps only 10 hours a night and 2-2.5 hours during the day (which probably also explains why it was so tough to get her into routines in the first place – she just doesn’t need much sleep!) and if there is a change in her routine boy do we have a time trying to get her back into it.  But the point is that with all the help you have given me,  I have the skills and confidence to get her back in the right direction with a minimum of fuss.  What you taught me works, and works, and works, every time.

So thank you, thank you, thank you Elaine.  I recommend you to everyone I know who has a baby.  I would hate to think of parents and children suffering when they could be being helped by you.  I hope you get to reach out to all those mothers, fathers and children who need you.  In my opinion your details should be given to every mother at birth!

Leanne Simmons Japan

From the day I made first contact with you by an extremely long email. Your phone call that followed the very next day was assuring. You were positive that you could help us and our three and a half year old daughter overcome her horrendous sleep pattern.

Once I finished breast feeding Zlyra at 12 months our troubles began. She ruled our life. After waking a at least 25 times a night, my husband and I were at the end of our tether. I had been from doctors, to physiologists, to seminar. You name it, I had tried it and kept getting told “your just a sleep deprived mum. It’s just her age, she will grow out of it”. Well the clock was ticking and our poor daughter was so tied and frustrated with the world. Her lack of sleep was taking over the little girl that was deep down.

When Elaine called me to follow up for the initial email I sent her. It was like there was an instant weight being lifted from my shoulders. We booked in an overnight consult for the following week. I’m not going to lie to you, my husband was rather skeptical about having a stranger overnight in our house. But I got a vibe from you that this was going to be the turning point. And it certainly was. It was the guidance I needed. You were brilliant that night and and the support to follow after. Zlyra took to the simple procedures so well. Truly amazing! When you sat in our lounge room that Wednesday night and said by Sunday night we would be having a full night sleep, there was doubts from both Nath and I. But that dream came true by the Friday night.

By the second night Zlyra was self settling herself to sleep initially within less then 3 min and has done so ever since. By week two, she no longer needed night nappies. Ever since that Friday night our little angel sleeps 13 hours straight, without a sound. She is the happiest kid in the world. A new kid!!!

Elaine, we will never be able to thank you enough for what you have done for our family but more importantly our little girl!!! You are amazing. What you do for parents and their children is a miracle.

Much love

Yashi McGahey’s  and 3 yr old Zlyra xxx

From the first day I brought my son Boston home from the hospital he was always very unsettled crying for most of the day and night, and only ever sleeping for a maximum of 40 mins at a time day or night. being a young mum at 20 yrs old after a month of 2 hrs sleep a night and a terribly unhappy baby I was at breaking point. Suffering from sleep deprivation and depression I had no idea how I was going to find my, when a friend passed on Elaine’s information. The minute Elaine walked through the door I felt a wave of relief pass over me she was amazing. She taught me how to teach Boston to self settle and how to listen to his cries and understand them. Within a week my 1 month old had gone from practically not sleeping at all to waking once through the night for a feed. Within 2 weeks Boston was completely self settling on his own. What a relief to be able to kiss your baby goodnight and walk out the door and them go to sleep with no fuss at all. by 4 months he was sleeping through the entire night 7 till 7am. Throughout the whole process Elaine was always available to answer any questions and tweaking little things within the routine to help Boston. Once he starting sleeping he was a new happier baby.

What you did for me and Boston Elaine I will never be able to thank you enough. You saved my life. Your work is nothing short of a miracle.

Lots of love

 Bree and Boston xx

We just wanted to say thanks again from the bottom of our hearts! After 6 months of desperately trying everything and anything, u have brought normality back into our lives. No longer do I need to spend all day long wrestling with my little fella to try and sleep 20min, no longer do we wake 8-10times a night.
Never in a million years did I think my insomniac bubba would be sleeping 14-15hrs after 24hrs on your program!
Ur help, advice& support has been so valuable and we are so very grateful. I will definitely recommend u to everyone I know that needs a helping hand.
Thx a million xx

Rachele Pentes

Hi Elaine,

I wanted to thank you for supporting us and helping us change our dear little boys sleeping habits.

I was exhausted when I called you in December, as we had been living on such short amounts of sleep for 7 months, and bub and us were all so over tired. Things had been getting worse and at that stage our bub was waking every 45 mins (looking for his dummy) and this was happening day and night.

Sure he was easy to soothe by just popping his dummy back in, but that was not sustainable or healthy for any of us.

Also, I was getting anxious 2 or 3 times a day when it came to naps as I worked out how I was going to get him to sleep, and then nights I would feel even more overwhelmed as we launched inot a 10 hour routine of him waking every sleep cycle.

Elaine, your kind caring dimena was just what we needed and you filled us with hope from that first phone call. A few days later when we received your suggested routine, we were excited to get started. I really found your suggestions of milk feeds and solid times a great help also. Your support via email and phone confirmed our settling techniques and the second night our little boy slept from 7pm till 6am. Amazing.

Two months on and life is Soooo different. I enjoy my days with my little boy and it is beautiful to put him down for his naps and have him roll over and cuddle his bunny and drift off to sleep without a peep. Night time routine is wonderful and putting him to bed for the night is relaxing, as he now sleeps from 7pm (asometimes earlier) until 6am, with one dream feed beofre i go to bed at night. If he stirs throug the night, he always puts himself back to sleep within a minute or so, but its rare that he even wakes.

Now I can do things with my day – I work around his naps, and he is such a happy energetic boy now that he sleeps! and boy does he sleep! still about 3.5 – 4hours hours in the day and 11 + hours at night. You have filled us with confidence and we have a much better understanding of how to work with our little boy and help him sleep as he should be.

And all of thsi when you are in QLD and we are in the ACT!

Susie – Canberra ACT

I first contacted Elaine when my daughter was six months old as we were having trouble with her daytime naps.  Being first time parents, we had absolutely no idea what to do with this little bundle of joy even though we’d just spent the last 9 months reading all the books and watching countless DVD’s preparing for parenthood.  Rather than implementing a routine, I thought we would be led by my daughter’s demands which only culminated in us waiting around all day for her to fall asleep, completely missing her tired signs and using the first six months of her life to instill in her the worst sleep associations – rocking her to sleep, letting her fall asleep while breastfeeding etc!  Within two days of Elaine’s visit, my daughter had learnt to self soothe to put herself to sleep and has never looked back.  She has been fantastic with her sleep and her eating since the routine implementation.  When our son was born 2 years later, I didn’t hesitate in calling Elaine so we could get him into a routine right from the start.  He is thriving and has been sleeping through the night from six weeks old.  Everything is so much better with a good night’s sleep and I love having a routine and knowing exactly what’s meant to happen and when.  There’s also no greater peace of mind than knowing that your child is getting the best start in life developmentally by getting all the sleep they need during the day, which in turn leads to better sleep at night.  I have no hesitation in recommending Elaine and have done so on many occasions.  Elaine just needs to walk into the building and babies start behaving themselves! Amazing.
Thank you
Tracy x

We spent 4 1/2 months rocking, feeding & patting our little boy to sleep – even resorting to carrying him around in a Baby Bjorn for his naps.  We KNEW he needed to learn to self settle and were adamant we didn’t want to go down the controlled crying route.  However, we were struggling with lack of sleep and an increasingly unsettled baby, but no amount of love & affection could help him self- settle.  We were at an impasse and couldn’t see a way out.
Then, a friend recommended Elaine and, after hearing her own success story, we were sold.  Finally, a third option!!!
Elaine showed us that not only was our baby was ready to settle himself, but also gave us a way to assist him without ever leaving him….genius!!
Well, to cut a long story short, Alex learnt how to settle himself within 2 days & he has never looked back.  Two weeks after Elaine’s visit we flew to England for a few months then back to Australia and then ob to New Zealand to live permanently, through all this Alex is still a happy boy, self settling and sleeping through the night.
Thank you Elaine for giving us our lives back whilst keeping our beautiful baby boy happy & secure.
Simon & Nina Done, Queenstown, NZ

You came to us when Camille was 10 months old and she’s just gone 16 months last week. At 10 months of age you told us she was one of the worst babies you’ve had to work with! I imagine a lot of mothers would probably be horrified by that statement but that actually made me feel better because I didn’t feel so bad about having trouble getting her to sleep.

The very first night we followed your routine, Camille slept through. We were amazed and delighted!! She continued to sleep through every night from then on (waking once in a blue moon and resettling easily with a little help from us) however we were still spending a lot of time in the room to get her to drift off before we crept out. Eventually we got up the courage to spend a minute or two with our hand on her back and then left the room. It took two nights of screaming (15-20 minutes the first night, 5 minutes the next night) and on the third night she cried for about 10 seconds as we left the room and that was it.

Now, at 16 months, following your routine to the letter every time, she goes down for a day nap at 11.30am (without a sound) and wakes at 2pm. At night she goes down at 7pm (without a sound) and wakes at 7.30am. It is wonderful!!!

Thank you so much for helping us on the road to confident and relaxed sleep routines that have made our life so much better.

Thanks Trish and Bella

Since Tom was born he never slept. I was wondering where on earth the saying “sleep like a baby came from”. All my friends kept saying to me “sleep when the baby sleeps”, but he never slept so I couldn’t. Everyone kept saying that babies love routines, but I could not get any sort of routine happening at all. Being so tired I couldn’t think straight long enough to get anything happening. I endured being a sleep deprived lunatic for 5 months. Tom was waking every half an hour every night and slept for two 30 to 40 minute blocks during the day…if I was lucky. My partner and I thought that it was just a phase and that as Tom got older it would work itself out. Plus we really were not comfortable with the idea of controlled crying. Like all first time parents we did everything and anything to stop Tom from crying and also to try and get some sleep. We rocked him to sleep in our arms to the point where our backs were so sore and we couldn’t hold him anymore. We gave him a dummy but the dummy would fall out and we would need to get up and put it back in for him to get back to sleep. We had no idea that it was because of us doing this that we had set Tom with extremely bad sleeping habits. The catalyst of us calling Elaine was that I had a car accident with Tom in the car when I was driving him around because he was asleep. I called Elaine immediately after a friend had told me about Lullaby SOS and I had read the Testimonials.
I cannot recommend Elaine and Lullaby SOS highly enough. Elaine seriously saved my sanity. Do not put off calling Elaine if you are saying “geez that sounds like my baby and me”. Life is so much more enjoyable now we are all getting some sleep. Tom and I thank you Elaine from the bottom of our hearts. Xxxxx.

Jodes and Tom. Gold Coast.

I contacted Elaine from Lullababy S.O.S after a challenging first 10 weeks with my daughter Portia.  At 6 weeks of age Portia was diagnosed with a rare cow’s milk protein allergy and multiple food intolerance which as a result made her irritable, constantly unsettled and worst of all a very poor sleeper. Portia was subsequently placed on prescription formula and showed some improvement however her sleep was still extremely poor, she had no routine and could not settle to sleep day or night, I was exhausted and wasn’t coping.

On arrival, Elaine reassured me I  had chosen the right time after all Portia’s problems to introduce a sleep routine, this made me instantly relieved as I wasn’t sure at the time if I was doing the right thing for an unwell baby.  Elaine listened with genuine concern and structured a routine for Portia which was based around her special health and nutritional needs.  Elaine visited a few times and was always comforting, professional, reassuring and extremely task focused.  Previously Portia was a baby who struggled to fall asleep before 11pm, woke several times a night, and never slept more than 40 minutes during the entire day from 10 days old.  Portia is now 4 months sleeping 12 hours a night and has 3 hrs of good sleep a day.

I cannot express how much Elaine has helped me with not only achieving a successful daily routine but provided me with constant support and reassurance during a really difficult time as a first time mum she has enabled me to enjoy my daughter so much more. Put simply Elaine is a wonderful, caring and extremely knowledgeable person who treats your concerns as her own, an extremely rare find!  I have no hesitation in recommending Elaine, I rave on about her daily to friends, family even Portia’s paediatrician who is also amazed at how Elaine’s expertise  has improved a difficult baby like Portia’s quality of life!

Chantel and Portia 3 mths – Goldcoast