Consultation Lowdown

Sleep, like everything, is a learnt skill. A young baby learns to sleep through experience. What a baby learns during the first few months of life become skills that will last them a life time. So it makes sense to teach your baby how to self settle from an early stage. Research shows that sleep problems during infancy can continue all the way up to adulthood.

Don’t wait until you have a sleep problem that needs to be resolved. By helping your baby learn how to settle and resettle early on, you are equipping them with the skills that will last a lifetime.

Lullababy SOS offers a range of consultations from Phone Consultations to Full days and extended stays – See Below for more details.

Consultation include

An initial 2 hour (minimum) consultation in the comfort of your own home (Phone consultations are 1 hour)  where we will settle your baby together to see what settling technique is going to work best for your baby. We then work together to decide on an individual plan that you feel confident with.

The action plan will include a routine, a step-by-step settling plan, practical tips & advice and follow-up telephone & internet support.

Over night, 1/2 day and Extended Stays are also for hands-on support during sleep guidance. Some parents find this a very beneficial tool in helping them understand how to put the settling plan into practice on the first night, day or consecutive nights.

A typical consultation will be 2 hours in the comfort of your own home, during the consultation we will go through your baby’s sleep and settling history then discuss a settling plan and routine options that might be best for you and your family, where possible we will aim to do a settle with your baby.  We will go through any concerns or questions you may have.

Private Sleep Consultations • Overnight Support • Help with routines • Night Time Sleep • Naps • Day Sleeps • Feeding Issue

Mothers Group Workshops • Professional Development Talks & Workshops • Telephone & Internet Support • Practical Postnatal Rescue & Survival techniques to settle baby.

I consider in-home consultations in all areas. Although, as I am located on the Gold Coast, Brisbane to Lisomre is my main area of availability. Extra fees apply for travel more than 90Kms from Coolangatta

 If you would like to discuss the possibility of an in-home consultation outside of these areas, please do not hesitate to call or email me.

I love to work with all babies and young children. When booking a consultation  I consider all babies who are sleeping in a bassinette or cot as a baby and children (2-5 yrs )  who are sleeping in big beds I consider this a ‘Toddler Consultation’  

Bath and Bedtime Consultation – (Birth – 6 years)  $400

  • Consultations more that 40km from Coolangatta incur a trave fee

Typically from 6pm-8.30pm (extra time is $50 per hour or part thereof)

As expected this settling plan is aimed to help you through your first bath and bedtime routine and first settle on the settling plan. This consultation is aimed to give you practical assistance and support for your first settle, once your baby is asleep we will go through your settling plan in detail and go through your concerns and question before concluding.

3 weeks of follow up telephone and email support is included in this package.

1/2 day packages. $550

  • Consultations more that 40km from Coolangatta incur a trave fee

8am -2pm this consultation is aimed to give you practical support settling your baby for 2 naps during the day. This consultation allows plenty of time for us to go through settling plan, routine options and any concerns or questions you may have. This can be a great option for parent who feel they need a little extra support

3 weeks of follow up telephone and email support is included in this package.

Overnight Consultations – (Birth – 6 years) $750

  • Consultations more that 40km from Coolangatta incur a trave fee

An overnight consultation is from 6pm-6am, during this consultation Elaine will help you through the first night of your settling plan. We typically start with going through your history and relevant information, we will then bath and settle baby together. Once your baby is settled we will discuss the settling plan and routine in detail and go through any concerns or questions you have. I do not expect you to sit up all night so once we have gone through all the information we will try to get some sleep. When your baby wakes you will have my full support and guidance as you implement your settling plan.

3 weeks of follow up telephone and email support is included in this package

Consultations for Twins & Multiples are the same as stated above but incur an extra fee.

Previous Client Phone consults $60 per 30 minute consultation.

Available for previous client who just want to trouble shoot or ask questions when things arise as you baby ages and change.
Please email for bookings

Daytime 4 months – big bed Consultation  $330

  • Consultations more that 40km from Coolangatta incur a trave fee

How to assist your child with going to sleep and resettling

  • A step-by-step guide on how to teach your baby to sleep through the night and how to manage night wakings
  • Guidance on how to implement healthy day and night time sleep
  • Information on understanding sleep cycles
  • Information and guidance on nutrition
  • An individual routine and settling plan to follow with ease
  • How to manage illnesses, growth spurts and teething during sleep training and after
  • General tips and hints on achieving longer, healthier sleep

Full Day Consultation (6pm until 2pm the following day ) $1100

  • Consultations more that 40km from Coolangatta incur a trave fee

This settling plan is aimed to help you through your first bath and bedtime routine, first night of settling and helping you with settling into your routine the following day. This is an excellent consultation for parents who want support through their first 24 hours of a settling plan. A consultation like this does wonders for your confidence and helps you move forward at a pace that both you and your child are comfortable with. The consultation is aimed to give you time, practical assistance and support for your first full day on a settling plan. Parents can book single or consecutive days as required. In my experience this is a fantastic consultation for both you and your child. You can book consecutive days as necessary.

3 weeks of follow up telephone and email support is included in this package.


* Consultations more that 40km from Coolangatta incur a TRAVEL FEE

Prices above are quoted for local Consultations (local consultations are 40kms from Coolangatta using Google maps.  Extra travel fees are as follows and will be added to invoices at time of consultation

$50 for between 40-80 kms from Coolangatta

$80 for 80-110 kms from Coolangatta

$100 for 110- 160 kms from Coolangatta

$150 – 160-210 kms from Coolangatta

* Gift Vouchers Available

* Consultations requiring more individual needs are quoted on an individual basis. 

* Cancelation fees : There is a $50 charge for cancellations within 24 hours and a 50% charge for cancellations within 5 hours of a booking.

Phone or Skype consultations $135

Phone consultations include all the advantages of an in home consultation but instead of hands on support is virtual.
The initial consultation is 1 hour were we will discuss your routine, settle plan and go through all your concerns and questions. You will then implement the settling plan and have me as your coach for phone support while going through the plan.
For phone consultations I require background information prior to our consultation. Once initial request has been made for a phone consultation I will email you the relevant information for a phone consult. For further information on Phone consults call or email me.


Mothers Group Booking

Have you found that you are not the only one in your Mothers Group having trouble settling their child ?

Wish that someone in your Mothers Group had all the answers?

Now together you CAN have all the answers…

Why not get the girls together for a group consultation. Benefit from a consultation with a  small group of your friends, where you can all benefit from a workshop as well as a suggested settling plan for each child.

Bookings of 4 persons +: $85pp

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