About me


Mad about babies,  I really believe being a Parenting Adviser is in my blood. I didn’t start an interest in parent when I became a mother myself; I actually put off motherhood until a little later in life because I knew how much commitment and hard work parenting can be.

As a young teen I spent many a day and night earning my pocket money through babysitting. I by no means saw this as a career, more a rite of passage I honestly never expected it to take me where I am today.

At 21 I became a nanny in London U.K, it was at this time I became obsessed with all things baby and Early Childhood related. I studied to become a Maternity Nurse ( Mother Craft )  in 2004 and started my work in a more routine and sleep focused area.

In 2006 I moved to Australia and gained my Diploma in Early Childhood Studies and in 2007 I studied at the Naturally Nurturing Sleep Clinic (NNSC) and gained my award as an Internationally Recognized Sleep Consultant. At this time this course was one of a kind and the ONLY internationally Recognized Qualification for Sleep Consultant.

Lullababy SOS was set up long before I was a mum myself and although being a mum has helped me, putting my methods into practice as a mum has solidified my confidence as a sleep consultant.

Experience really is everything to me, and I have never stopped learning or being passionate about learning more. Every new family has their own individual needs and working with literally thousands of families from all over the world with many different sleep/feeding/baby related problems, I’m confident I can help you.

I am passionate about helping parents love parenting and supporting parents to guide their baby successfully into a healthy sleep and feeding routine.

If you are looking for a settling plan that is gentle, individual and has been tailored for your needs give me a call and let work together to achieve something great ….SLEEP

Let me be you sleep coach…. Guru…… baby whisper…. Together we will succeed.

 My aim is to help parents feel confident and love parenting.

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